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welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by :)

i have finally started this blog and it makes me really happy; it unites two out of many other things which fulfill me: taking photograps and telling stories about them. i don’t know where will it take me, i only know it’s the path i want to walk on, it’s a place where i express my creativity and love for details. my family is my inspiration, without them all this would not be possible. 


i noticed, that enjoying the little things in life and everyday routine seem not to match. twenty-four hours don’t seem to be enough, especially if you already have your own little family. often we ask ourselves with Enrico (husband) what were we doing before Alex (son) has been born ... so much free time!!! :))


i’m a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, colleague, woman ... the order is not important, what’s important is that all these roles require my concentration and efforts ... by blogging i “force” myself to observe the little things (commitment N.1), things which happen around me; i’m creating a chronicle of my every day adventures, because it’s not enough to know what’s important in life, you need to learn how to ENJOY it! this will be my testimony of “la dolce vita”

this blog should be foremost a testimony of the evolution of me as a photo taker. (commitment N.2) watching my first pics after  few years, will i be happy with myself? 

i would like to warn those who care about perfect grammar, do not read the posts on this blog, stay only on the pictures. my multicultural and multi-language backgrounds has its dark side as well :) it’s possible that you will find some grammar gaps here, but i commit (N.3) to improve 

i find the time for writing and photo editing by night, when the house is already sleeping, then i put on a candle, soft music, a glass of red wine or herbal tea and i go for it

this blog is written in two languages; slovak, because it’s my mother tongue and english, because it’s the language the world speaks


if you find here something inspiring or what you simply like and makes you happy, please share my URL babicsdenisa.com/blog with your acquaintances and give me a *like* on facebook.  


i wish you a wonderful day! 






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