I blog because I enjoy it.

why do I introduce partners on this blog?
periodically introducing partners will give me the opportunity to support my family and compensate me, at least in a small part, for the time, energy and resources I dedicate to my blog.

partners will be hosted on the right side of the blog or I’ll credit them in my posts. you'll be free to decide whether to click on them or not. and I hope you will click because you might like, what you see there.

my primary hope and dream is to give space to businesswomen-mothers, behind whom often an interesting and inspiring story is hidden. being a part of a creative and cleverly thought business which is growing its roots, is both touching and exciting!

I intend to host partners on this blog with products or services that I have personally tried or tested and I feel comfortable suggesting. however, I’m not responsible in any way for their business practices, services or products.

a big personal bonus for me would be finding businesses to partnering with me for longer periods; this would mean happy readers and partners! :)

if you are interested in cooperating, or you would like to indicate someone who’s business concept is coherent with the concept of this blog and you believe could be of interest to me, please write to me at  blog [at] babicsdenisa [dot] com

thank you!



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